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Ashtanga is accessible to everyone of all ages from individuals new to yoga to those who have been practicing for years. Instruction is given from teacher to student on an individual bases. Poses are added to an individuals practice as they gain strength and flexibility.


Mysore is the traditional way of learning Ashtanga yoga, named after the city in India where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the guru of Ashtanga Yoga, lived. The lineage is now held by Jois’ grandson, Sharath Jois.


Mysore is for everyone who is willing and eager to start their own yoga practice. In the beginning you get a small portion of the Ashtanga Yoga sequence, adding poses as you and your teacher see fit.


Mysore times are open practice sessions. You can arrive anytime as long as you have time to finish prior to the end of session.


No, Mysore class is where you learn the poses from the teacher. You will learn the sequence and commit it to memory as you progress through the practice, developing your own personal spiritual practice.


Mysore Classes are the best place to start. As a beginner you are the most important person in the room. The teacher helps guide you safely through the Ashtanga Yoga sequence. Taking pieces of the practice a little at a time to aid you in building the strength and flexibility you need to continue your Ashtanga journey.

Wellness & Private Yoga

Private Yoga Instruction

Inner Source Ayurveda

Private Yoga instruction can be a great way to get started with Ashtanga Yoga and is a good way to gain experience and comfortability before walking into our Mysore Program.


private yoga (one-on-one or small group experiences)

$125/session at studio and $140 in home/office or buy 10 sessions and save - contact us for small group pricing and available times.

corporate yoga

Want to bring yoga to your office.  Contact us and we can help make it happen.  It is a great thing to do as a team and will only help productivity and overall happiness of staff:)


video consultations
There are so many reasons an Ashtanga Yoga home practitioner should be guided by a teacher.  Although videos and books are great, they don’t provide direct feedback to your practice. We know many of you do not have a teacher nearby and/or a schedule that doesn’t allow you to make it consistently so you don’t go.  We have an option for you.  We will arrange for you to give us a 15 min video of your actual practice along with a short questionnaire to give us some info and history, any parts you have challenges with in your practice and want our feedback.  We will then carefully review the video and send you back thoughtful written feedback along with scheduling a 30 min online conference call (or in person) to go over the video and feedback together.  This is a great way to get some answers and direct feedback to your practice. Can also be useful when done with a friend or two, depending on the topic.  Because the call is live (or in person), we can do some demonstrating and/or guide you through trying some things yourself, since you are practicing alone anyways it could be very helpful.  We would also like to help you find a teacher in the area so you can get direct hands on guidance if possible.  Looking forward to meeting you and helping you with your Ashtanga Yoga practice.


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Stan Woodman and Staff

Stan Woodman is a Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher for the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI), in Mysore, India and the owner of The Yoga Shala.  


We also have several experience teachers on staff who work directly with Stan and have many years of practice and teaching experience.  Let us help create the perfect program for you!  

Kathy Katts of Inner Source Ayurveda

Private Yoga Class

1 hr 


Corporate Yoga

1 hr


Video Consulatations

1 hr




Tesa Baum - Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Healing and Reiki

Tesa is a holistic wellness practitioner, certified and licensed Hypnotherapy Practitioner, meditation guide, and Reiki Master Healer.  The art of hypnosis and connecting to spirit has always been a part of her.  In New York City in 1995, she was seeking spiritual support, focus, direction, and a release from her hectic life working in sales and executive recruiting.  While most went the traditional route of seeking therapy for support, Tesa pursued what were then considered “alternative” healing techniques and practices.  Despite mockery from those around her, and while still maintaining her corporate job, Tesa fully immersed herself in learning about energy healing, meditation, hypnosis, and shamanistic contemporary healing and Andean mystical healing, the fundamental aspects of Kabbalah mystical healing. She began to be aware of the power of the inner mind and the connection between the mind, body and spirit.


Appointments are made directly with Tesa…call or text 203-364-4084 or email her at tesa@tesabaum.com for an appointment.


Kathy Katts - Ayurveda, Consultations and Reiki

Kathy graduated from New York University with a BA in Organizational Behavior specializing her studies in Emotional Intelligence.  She went on to immerse herself in the practice of consciousness and human behavior. Over the last 20 years I have had the privilege of studying with master teachers from a variety of disciplines.  It was a great blessing and pleasure to study with Dr. Paul Dugliss at New World Ayurveda and graduate as a certified Ayurvedic Practioner, Spiritual Counselor and Energetic Master with over 1500 hours of training. Kathy is also a certified Heart-based Meditation Instructor, Life & Wellness Coach and Reiki Master Teacher.


Appointments are made directly with Kathy…call or text 203-685-2024 or email her at info@innersourceayurveda.com for an appointment.



Camille Lawrence- Integrative Bodywork and Massage Therapy

Camille Lawrence is a Fairfield County native who has always been awed by the healing process of the body.  Working with both intuition and intention, Camille meets each person with a deep presence that honors the basic experience of coming back to oneself.  She feels very strongly about the power of massage to bring awareness and ease to the body especially needed in modern day life.  Massage Therapy is well documented to provide physical and emotional support and healing.

Camille has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 15 years having graduated from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She has been instructed in many modalities including Ortho-Bionomy, Craniosacral, Trigger Point, Prenatal Massage, Medical Massage, and Shiatsu Therapies.  It is astonishing how powerful touch can be, and Camille strives to take massage therapy out of the realm of luxury, and into everyday life.


Appointments are made directly with Camille…call or text 203- 722-9773 or email her at camille@earthtoheaven.org for an appointment.



Camille Lawrence