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Ashtanga is accessible to everyone of all ages from individuals new to yoga to those who have been practicing for years. Instruction is given from teacher to student on an individual bases. Poses are added to an individuals practice as they gain strength and flexibility.


Mysore is the traditional way of learning Ashtanga yoga, named after the city in India where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the guru of Ashtanga Yoga, lived. The lineage is now held by Jois’ grandson, Sharath Jois.


Mysore is for everyone who is willing and eager to start their own yoga practice. In the beginning you get a small portion of the Ashtanga Yoga sequence, adding poses as you and your teacher see fit.


Mysore times are open practice sessions. You can arrive anytime as long as you have time to finish prior to the end of session.


No, Mysore class is where you learn the poses from the teacher. You will learn the sequence and commit it to memory as you progress through the practice, developing your own personal spiritual practice.


Mysore Classes are the best place to start. As a beginner you are the most important person in the room. The teacher helps guide you safely through the Ashtanga Yoga sequence. Taking pieces of the practice a little at a time to aid you in building the strength and flexibility you need to continue your Ashtanga journey.


A Note to Shala Yogis Near and Far,


The last month has brought change and possibility my way, after quite a while of personal questioning and reflection. And because this feels right, I can finally share it with all of you…and speak it out loud.


April 30th will be my last day teaching at the shala. I have decided to take a sabbatical from daily teaching and an opportunity has presented itself at a time and in a format that feels so right, so clear and positive, on so many levels. Stan Woodman, fellow ashtangi, longtime friend, studio owner and advanced level teacher, called me and we started a very interesting and timely conversation. This happens to be a just right move for Stan at this moment, as well. And so he is buying the studio, taking on the directorship, and my teaching schedule. The community will grow, inviting Stan’s students into the fold. In taking this next step forward with someone other than me at the helm, I am free to spend the next 9-12 months focused on my own studies. After that, my plans are open.


As for the timing…and this has all come together during the last three weeks…..I will be at the studio teaching daily from now through April 30th. Stan will be in the studio daily…together with me, from April 22nd onward. The Shala’s 15th Anniversary Party is on Friday evening, April 27th. I’ll step aside May 1st and Stan and the Shala teachers will continue the current schedule, expanding it here and there as he gets to know everyone and settles in.


It’s a lot to take in….and I feel so many different things right now. But more than anything I am grateful for what has been built over the past 15 years, and excited/grateful to see it continue. Your support and dedication for practice have always lifted me up. Thank you for that and so much else.


So come see me in the practice room and I hope you will attend the anniversary party on the 27th.


So much more to say, but for now….with much Love in my heart,




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