What is Mysore?

How to begin a personal practice

mysore-featuredIn Mysore-style classes, students are guided individually by the instructor, learning the traditional Ashtanga sequence at his or her own pace. Over time, while addressing challenges as they come, the student learns the traditional sequence of yoga postures with guidance and assistance.

Mysore-style sessions are appropriate for the absolute beginner to the advanced student. The instructor works within the students level and ability, so the class is always moving at the correct pace for that individual.

Students may walk-in the studio at any time during the session (see the schedule for daily Mysore times). We ask that you allow at least 45 minutes of practice time. This is great class to take if your practice schedule needs to be flexible and making it into the room at an exact start/finish time is difficult for you. We also recommend that newcomers to this teaching technique watch all or part of a session first before taking on a personal practice. Observing the room is a great way to understand the teaching method and is free and open to all who are interested in starting a practice. Please view the online schedule for the start and finish times for our Mysore classes each day.