News & Notes


The Yoga Shala will be open throughout the holiday weekend.
Please note that the Friday evening Mysore class WILL NOT meet.

Class Schedule July 3-5, 2015

    Friday, July 3rd
    7-8:30am mysore practice
    8:30am meditation
    9:00am primary series

    Saturday, July 4th
    8:30am ashtanga improv
    10:00am mixed level

    Sunday, July 5th
    8:00am intro to 2nd series
    10:00am mysore practice
    11:30am basics

    Happy Holiday!!!!!


The summer schedule begins on Monday, June 22nd. Note that morning Mysore sessions on Tuesday and Thursday have been extended to end at 11:00am and that a new morning Mysore practice is now offered on Friday at 7:00am. We have also added a new class on Thursday at 11:30am, Valerie Rich is joining the teaching rotation with an ashtanga improv class. We hope to see you in the room throughout the summer!



SUN 8-9:45am Primary Series* Val
10-11:30am Mysore-style Oni
11:30am Basics Oni

MON 7-10am Mysore-style Val
10:00am Mixed Level Val
5:30pm 1-Hour Practice Janell

TUES 7-11am Mysore-style Val/Jean
5:30pm 1-Hour Practice Colleen
6:45pm Mixed Level Colleen

WED 7-10am Mysore-style Val
10:00am Mixed Level Val
5:30-8pm Mysore-style Val

THURS 7-11am Mysore-style Val/Jean
11:30am Ashtanga Improv Valerie R
5:30pm Mixed Level Colleen
6:45pm 1-Hour Practice Colleen

FRI 7-8:30am Mysore-style Janell
8:30am Meditation Val
9-10:45am Primary Series* Val
5-6:30pm Mysore-style Oni

SAT 8:30am Ashtanga Improv Saturday Rotation
10:00am Mixed Level Colleen

Summer Schedule Notice


The Shala’s summer schedule will begin on Monday, June 22nd. Please review the full schedule and note that a few class times and/or formats have been changed. We hope you will find plenty of options for practice throughout the summer. One of the biggest changes is the shift to additional and/or longer Mysore-style sessions. All level students are welcome to attend Mysore-style practices and you do not need to have any yoga experience to get started. In addition, a new guided class on Thursday at 11:30am has been added to the schedule – Ashtanga Improv with Valerie Rich.

See you at the studio this summer!


Class Schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
May 1-3, 2015

Due to the Tim Feldmann Workshop, The Yoga Shala schedule will be altered during the following days. Please note that a regular schedule of classes will resume on May 4th:

Special Class Schedule:

Friday, May 1
8:30am Meditation
9:00am Primary Series
11:00am 1-Hour Practice
12:30 pre-natal yoga

Saturday, May 2
10:00am Mixed Level
11:30am Ashtanga Yoga 101

Sunday, May 3
11:30am Basics

We thank you for supporting our efforts to bring nationally and internationally recognized ashtanga teachers to the studio. Without your support events like these would not be possible.


Val and The Yoga Shala Staff

Schedule Note for Passover/Easter Weekend

The shala will run a modified schedule for the holiday weekend. Please note that Friday prenatal at 12:30pm and evening Mysore at 5:00pm WILL NOT meet this week only.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, April 3rd
8:30am Meditation
9:00am Primary Series
11:00am 1-Hour Practice

Saturday, April 4th
8:30am Ashtnaga Improv
10:00am Mixed Level

Sunday, April 5th
8:00am Intro to 2nd Series
10:00am Mysore Practice
11:30am Basics

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

WEATHER UPDATE – Wednesday, March 4th

The Shala will be open and running a regular schedule on Wednesday, March 4th. If school delays make it hard for you to arrive at the studio in time for the guided class this morning, please feel free to come in and do self-practice and conclude by 11:15am.

7-10am Mysore Practice
10am Mixed Level
5:30-8:00pm Mysore Practice


Sunday, February 22nd….

Digging out yet? The shala has cancelled 8am primary series for today, but will hold the 10:00am Mysore practice and 11:30am Basics classes, as scheduled.

The teacher training program will also run as scheduled.

See you at the studio!


The shala is adding a number of new “speciality classes” to the schedule beginning in March.

Mondays at 11:30am Vedic Chanting with Leslie

Mondays at 6:30pm Ashtanga Yoga 101 with Rebecca

Thursdays at 11:30am Ayurveda in Practice

Fridays at 12:30pm Prenatal Yoga Class

Tuesday, Feb 3rd – Schedule Update

Schedule Update – Tuesday, Feb 3rd

It’s going to be really really cold Tuesday morning! Local schools have already posted delayed openings. The studio will be open at 8am (NOT 7am) for Mysore practice, to allow for plowing and sanding of roads and the parking area. The mixed level class will also be delayed by 30 minutes and start at 10:30am on Tuesday.

Be careful out there, as icy conditions are being forecasted.

Be safe and go slowly…..Om Om Om

Weather Update Feb 3rd

Hi Yogis…

So we are digging out and getting ready for the big chill! It’s going to be really cold tomorrow morning. The studio will be open at 8am for Mysore practice, to allow for slowing and sanding of roads and the parking area. The mixed level class will also be delayed and start at 10:30am on Tuesday.

The most up to date information is always on the studio answering machine at 203-544-8811.

Be safe and go slowly…..Om Om Om