Space for Rent

The Yoga Shala is currently seeking healing arts practitioners to join our community. Therapeutic massage has always been an offering at The Yoga Shala. With Oni moving on to new and exciting adventures (in addition to focusing on her teaching), new opportunities await. Our beautiful treatment room is available for rent. Ideally, two or three practitioners can utilize the space in a shared format. Contact Val at the shala to discuss this exciting opportunity.

About Therapeutic Massage:

Massage therapy is a complementary healing practice to the yoga teachings and can help practitioners learn more about their movement patterns and areas of tension and holding in the body. The Yoga Shala has a dedicated massage therapy space and is pleased to have an exceptional therapist, Oni as a part of the shala team. Massage appointments are made directly with the therapist. Clients do not need to be practicing members of our yoga community. All are welcome.

Massage also brings greater awareness to the yoga practitioner. Bodywork increases awareness to areas of muscle tension…some of which we did not previously know existed. We learn that there are whole muscle groups which have been “asleep” in our yoga practice, and we “awaken” to their usefulness and begin to access them in our daily practice.

Trigger points are marble or thumb size areas of hypertonic tissue that create pain and restrict movement. Deactivating trigger points through massage therapy techniques relieves pain and creates openness and increased range of motion.