Gina Rittschof - Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy at The Yoga Shala with Gina Rittschof

Gina is a Neuromuscular Sports Massage Therapist who recently moved to Redding from Encinitas, California, when her husband took a job here with Cannondale Bicycles. For over 15 years, Gina’s successful massage practice in California included work with some of the top Olympic, professional and nationally ranked amateur runners, cyclists, triathletes, snowboarders and motorcycle athletes. In addition to competitive athletes, Gina has always worked with a diverse community of clients looking to stay healthy in their active lives.

Gina’s training began at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Over the years she has continued to fine tune and expand her practice, with studies including: St John’s Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy, Active Release Technique, International Institute for Reflexology, Advanced Pregnancy Massage with Kate Jordan, and Upledger Cranial Sacral Therapy. Gina began practicing yoga in the 80’s while working in sports marketing, and the practice has become an important part of her life. She looks forward to working with the yogis at The Yoga Shala.

Office hours at the shala are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Massage appointments are made directly with Gina…call or text 760.402.7120 or email her at for an appointment.
Clients do not need to be practicing members of our yoga community.

The fee for a 1-hour session is $90 (payment by cash or check please)
April Special 2017
Hump Day Special….Book a massage with Gina for any Wednesday in April and receive $15 off the usual price! What a way to break up the week:)

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About Neuromuscular Massage:

Massage therapy is a complementary healing practice to the yoga teachings and can help practitioners learn more about their movement patterns and areas of tension and holding in the body. Trigger points are marble or thumb size areas of hypertonic tissue that create pain and restrict movement. Deactivating trigger points through massage therapy techniques relieves pain and creates openness and increased range of motion. Massage also brings greater awareness to the yoga practitioner. Bodywork increases awareness to areas of muscle tension…some of which we did not previously know existed. We learn that there are whole muscle groups which have been “asleep” in our yoga practice, and we “awaken” to their usefulness and begin to access them in our daily practice.