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Nora Weiss

The Yoga Shala is pleased to welcome Nora Weiss to our family of healing practitioners! Join Nora on September 13th for a talk introducing her services, the spring cleanse and more….Free and open to all. Link here for the Intro to Ayurveda flyer with full details.
Nora brings years of well-certified training in fitness, yogic practices, meditation, Ayurveda, Reiki, and Reiki-undo together with a rarely-seen sense of developed intuition when working with clients. Her natural and learned approach works to unveil potentials and awareness within those with which she works. It is an authentic approach of wellness, compassion, insight, and distillation – helping clients not only heal and be stimulated, but to facilitate paths to their own intuitive development.

She is available for a variety of services and consultation relating to the matter of intuitive, spiritual, and physical development. She frequently hosts events on consciousness and classes in Ayurveda and yoga. Link to Nora’s website for full details on classes, healing services, fee schedules and more.

Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor AWC – Kerala Ayurveda Academy
Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance
Jikiden Shoden Okuden Reiki Practicioner Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai (Institute)
Western Reiki Master
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer NASM-CPT
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Nora Weiss teaches and practices the ability to heal and/or balance oneself with the guidance of intuition, presence, compassion and embracing the natural flow of energy in and around us. Nora respects and uses multiple modalities of healing as being a certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselor (AWC Kerala Ayurveda Academy), Jikiden Reiki Practitioner, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, and personal trainer (NASM CPT). She teaches and empowers her students to understand that everything is energy. To align with it’s flow is to balance, heal, and live in peace. Nora is available for private and group consults, workshops and seminars.
(203) 913-0497